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Addiction Treatment Program Support

Gain the support of treatment industry professionals trained in improving patient care while eliminating insurance roadblocks and compliance gaps.

Our providers work together with your UR team and participate in insurance Peer Review requests. Our providers’ expert clinical input can make a difference in approval of more treatment days for your patients. Our documentation is detailed, precise, and focused on the relevant clinical areas that insurance payers assess when determining treatment approvals.

Our Philosophy on Supporting Treatment Facilities

We are Designed to Help Your Program Succeed

Relationships empower recovery. We believe attentive service and genuine care are vital to improving lives. We treat our partnering facilities and patients the same: with warm dedication and a robust support system to achieve their goals.

We combine excellent customer service with streamlined infrastructure to improve efficiency in many areas:
  • Pharmacies, labs, and specialists
  • Regulatory compliance on the state and national level
  • JCAHO accreditation compliance
  • Working relationships with insurance agencies

Program Support Infrastructure

We Specialize in the Needs of Addiction Treatment Programs

We recognize the remarkable value treatment programs provide their patients. Unfortunately, federal, state, and local regulations, while vital to your patient’s well-being, may make it difficult for your program to thrive. On top of that, insurance mandates are notoriously fussy; your program can lose reimbursement for any number of reasons.

At Headlands ATS, we make our partner’s vitality our priority. Our 70-plus years of combined experience benefit our partnering facilities with keen attention to detail in all matters. We ensure our partners have the proper program support to thrive in a system with heavy government and private intervention.

We provide the following kinds of program support:

  • Complete and Prompt Documentation to Optimize Successful Authorization of Treatment Days.
  • Scheduled and As-Needed Follow-Ups
  • Easy Access to National Board-Certified Provider Credentials
  • · Advisory and QA Services Related to JCAHO and State Regulatory Compliance
  • FMLA, Work Letters, and other Patient Disability Paperwork Assistance
  • Doctor-to-Doctor Peer Reviews with Insurance Utilization Review
  • HIPAA-Compliant Patient Information Transfer via TigerConnect

Staff Training

Helping You Help Your Team

People can make or break a program. That’s why we extensively train our high-caliber, high-character team to provide our partners with consistent, respectful care. Our support staff members receive comprehensive training in Headlands medical protocols before beginning contract services.

We assign specific providers to our partnering facilities trained to meet each of their program’s unique needs. We train and educate partnering program staff in patient care and safety protocols, risk management, and quality improvement.

Effective Collaboration with Labs and Specialists

Leverage Our Experience and Relationships
Ensure timely treatment with our expertise in working with pharmacies, labs, and specialists. We are proactive in our pursuit of efficient and reliable logistics, ensuring we meet your patients’ needs as quickly as possible.
With our help streamlining processes, most medications are available for use by patients at their admission, and lab results usually reach our partnering facilities without delay.

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We are Ready to Talk About Your Goals

Does your treatment program want to increase efficiency, functionality, and opportunity while erasing difficulties caused by insurance companies and regulations? If you want to learn how we can help improve your program, call us today.

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“Our program is running really well since Dr. Small and his team came on board. Clients and staff feel supported.”
– Riverside California Detox Program